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Roadway 750 Headlight

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  • 750 LUMEN ULTRA BRIGHT LED BIKE HEADLIGHT - 3 LED super high power USB rechargeable headlight for road cyclists, urban commuters, and mountain bikers.
  • POWER BAR DISPLAY SYSTEM - shows remaining burn time for different modes.
  • ONE TOUCH QUICK BATTERY CAPACITY CHECK - A quick check on your battery level before the start of your journey.
  • POWER BANK - provides extra power for your other USB devices, like getting your phone charged up. You can still have the light ON while charging.
  • TWIST N' GO MOUNT- Apart from the basic silicon mounting strap, this special Twist n' Go Mount enables you to mount and release the headlight quickly and easily. This unified mounting system can also enable you to integrate all your bike accessories like cycle computer, bike camera, or phone mount together in one single unit.
  • AIRCRAFT ALUMINIUM BODY- durable and lightweight.
  • ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS- Can be used in the rain and inclement weather.

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