Everyday EverEasy Electric Cargo Bike in Weekend Blue colour

One Less Car Ride

Tired of those mundane grocery runs in the car? Still scouting and stalking for that perfect parking spot near the store entrance... just like we learned from our parents and their parents before, right? Yes, the competitive spirit of grocery parking is alive and well across Canada.

Fun fact: More than 50% of daily car rides in the USA are less than 3 miles! Yup, that's less than 4.8 kms up here in our Canada, and likely a higher percentage given our epic winters!

Imagine a world where every trip becomes an adventure... Enter the EverEasy Electric Cargo Bike, a game-changer in urban mobility. Say goodbye to the confines of a car and hello to the freedom of the open road, groceries in tow and the breeze in your hair.

What would you say about one less car ride a week?

That's where our EasySeries of electric cargo bikes really shines‚ÄĒmaking short trips fun and exciting while reducing your carbon footprint. And hey, we may as well introduce you to our EasySeries¬†Cargo¬†Carrier, the¬†perfect companion for your biking adventures. The EasySeries cargo carrier quickly attaches to all of our¬†forward¬†cargo frame mounts, or add it as a top-mount basket on the rear cargo rack. Or Both!

So, saddle up on your trusty EverEasy e-cargo bike, roll past that gnarly traffic, and savour the freedom of two wheels. Pretty soon that one-less car ride will be two-less, and three-less and... well you get the point.

It's not just a grocery run, it's an adventure! ūüö≤ #RideGreen

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