Everyday Express Foldable E-Bike

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Introducing Everyday Bicycle's first foldable E-Bike, the Everyday Express! The Everyday Express Foldable electric bike is as much about fun as it is functionality. The bike features a step through frame which can fold for easy transportation or storing away. It is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery that drives a 350W rear hub motor with 3 different levels of pedal assist. 

The Express is a pedal assist E-bike which has an accelerator throttle as well. When used in pedal assist mode, as you pedal the sensor will activate the motor hub aiding and propelling you forward. There are 3 different levels of pedal assist (low, medium, high), level 1 with a low level of assist and level 3 with a high level of assist. When the bicycle is at level 0 it will disengage the motor completely and you can ride it like a normal 7 speed bicycle. The Express is similar to a traditional pedal assist E-bike, but it's even better with an accelerator throttle. When the Express is set to Pedal Assist Low, you can now engage the motor without pedaling by pressing the accelerator and releasing it to disengage.  

Spec Overview

350W rear hub motor
Max Speed
32 km
Max Range 40-80 km
20" x 4" Tires
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Charger 2A CE/UL
LCD Display IPX6 Rating
Lights Front LED headlight and rear LED light
36V, 12AH Samsung lithium-ion battery
Charging Time 4 to 6 hours
Weight Limit 275 lbs
Pedal Assist 3 Different levels of pedal assist (Low, Medium, High)